Journalist’s expedition field notebook recovered

Cate Becker’s field notebook, recovered at Site A, Turnat Research Expedition, Peru. I’ll be sharing excerpts on my Facebook page here.

(A little project inspired by my work-in-progress).

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IMG_1328The Caipirinha is a popular cocktail in Brazil (my character, Ana, orders one in chapter 1 of Radiant City).

This drink is delicious and fresh — perfect for warm summer days!


Caipirinha recipe:

1 1/2 oz (50 ml) of Cachaça

2 tsp of sugar (white or raw), plus more for rim of glass

1 lime, cut into 8 wedges

Sparkling water (opt.)

Cut the lime into wedges and use one to moisten around the rim of the glass. Pour a thin layer of sugar on a plate and press the rim of the glass into it. Set aside to dry. Muddle the 2 tsp sugar into the lime wedges in a glass. Add crushed ice and Cachaça. Add splash of sparkling water (optional). Enjoy!